WGRLQ & RLQ Country Club General Questions

What is the governance structure of the WGRLQ organization?

WGRLQ is an unincorporated community association that is governed by a Board of Directors which includes the following elected officers-President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Tournament Chair, Membership Chair and Handicap Chair and the following appointed officers-Rules Chair and Parliamentarian/Advisor. The activities and responsibilities of the Board are as set forth in the WGRLQ By-Laws and the WGRLQ Standing Rules. The names of the current members of the Board and a copy of the By-Laws and the Standing Rules can be found on the WGRLQ website.

I am a RLQCC golf member but not a WGRLQ Member. Who would I contact to learn about the WGRLQ association?

Contact the Membership Chairman for all information regarding membership. Her name and contact number is posted on the WGRLQ website and is posted in the WGRLQ Locker Room.

What is the Big Sister/Little Sister program?

Our Big/Little Sister Program provides our new Members of WGRLQ with a current WGRLQ Member who can help the new Member get to know other Members and learn about all the activities of our WGRLQ group.   Each new Member is paired with a current WGRLQ Member who acts as the new member’s “Big Sister.”    The new Member - or “Little Sister” - will meet with her Little Sister and help her learn about our group and how to participate in all our golf and non-golf events.  One benefit of our Big/Little Sister program is for the Big Sister to set up golf dates with her Little Sister to help her get to know our Members so she can feel comfortable signing up to play golf with any of our Members.  We also host a Big/Little Sister reception each year to welcome all our new Members and help them get to know other new Members as well.

How do I sign up for a locker in the locker room and what is the annual fee?

Sign up for a locker rental with the Pro Shop. The season charge is $150.

How does the “automatic” gratuity program work for the golf staff and how would I sign up?

In lieu of extending a cash gratuity to an outdoor golf assistant at the conclusion of play, you may participate in the “auto tip” program. This program establishes a pool of tips for the outdoor assistants based on frequency of play which can be charged to your RLQ account and is distributed to the outside professionals evenly at the end of the season. Please direct further inquiries regarding this program to the Pro Shop.

What is the Pampered Champions event?

The Pampered Champions event is a 2 or 3 day event and is sponsored by RLQCC. This event is not sponsored by WGRLQ. It is generally viewed as the “Club Championship”. All prizes and trophies are funded by RLQCC. The event includes a Tuesday and Thursday “net” event for all RLQCC golf members and a “gross” event on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for all RLQCC golf members. WGRLQ membership is not a requirement for play in this event. All questions regarding this event should be directed to the Pro Shop.

How do I sign up for WGRLQ Tournament and Guest Day Events and what is the cancellation policy?

Generally, each WGRLQ event opens for registration 30 days prior to the event.  The Fiesta is open for registration a few months prior to the event. Registration can be made on the RLQCC Golf Genius weblink. As the event is opened for registration, each Member may sign up for the event online through the weblink which can be found on the WGRLQ website under the “Tournament and Guest Days” tab on the left side of the WGRLQ website. Each Member can also call or stop by the Pro Shop to sign up.
WGRLQ and RLQCC adheres to the same cancellation policy which requires prior 72 hour cancellation notification for a full refund.

What does Net Double Bogey rule mean and how does it affect my maximum score per hole for handicap reporting purposes?

Net Double Bogey rule is the downward adjustment of hole scores, for handicap purposes, in order to make your handicap more representative of your potential scoring ability. The maximum number that you can post on any hole depends on your COURSE HANDICAP, not your index. For handicap purposes, you must adjust any hole score that is higher than the maximum number you can post. There is no limit to the number of hole scores you can adjust. When marking an adjusted score on your card, add an ‘x’ after the score.
PAR + 2 + POPS
The Net Double Bogey rule is calculated by adding Par + 2 + pops/strokes for each hole to get to your maximum score on that hole.
The number of pops/strokes given each player is determined by reference to their Handicap Index and the Course Handicap. The Course Handicap for the Jones Course and the Pate Course can be found posted in the Locker Room and at the Pro Shop. It can also be found online on the GHIN app.
A player gets 2 pops on a Par 5, her Net Double Bogey/P2P for that hole is 5+2+2=9.
A player gets 2 pops on a Par 4, her Net Double Bogey/P2P for that hole is 4+2+2=8
A player gets 2 pops on a Par 3, her Net Double Bogey/P2P for that hole is 3+2+2=7
A player gets 1 pop on a Par 5, her Net Double Bogey/P2P for that hole is 5+2+1=8
A player gets 1 pop on a Par 4, her Net Double Bogey/P2P for that hole is 4+2+1=7
A player gets 1 pop on a Par 3, her Net Double Bogey/P2P for that hole is 3+2+1=6
A player gets 0 pops on a Par 5, Par 4 or a Par 3, her Net Double Bogey is 7, 6 and 5, respectively.

When were the RLQ Courses last rated by the SCGA?

The Jones and Pate Course were re-rated by the SCGA in the Spring of 2019. Set forth below are the old ratings and the new ratings for the Red Tees:
Pate 70.7/126 5157 yards
Jones 71.3/125 5281 yards
Pate 70.3/124 5165 yards
Jones 70.7/125 5281 yards
The Pate course was rated materially less difficult by the rating process in 2019 and the Jones course was rated slightly left difficult. Courses are generally re-rated every 10 years.